Is the game free? Yes, Doge Miner 3 is entirely free.
Why did you create this blog? To talk about my favorite online game – Doge Miner 3.
So is this a general gaming blog? No, it does cover gaming articles, but I will also add other interesting news.
Can I suggest the game? You can suggest to us some clicker games, we will build a game based on it if we will find it interesting.
Do you also write guides? I do, I have tons of different guides, read them, they are beneficial.
What are your future plans? If I will have free time I want to build more clicker game editions and share them with you
How often do you play games? I play games on a daily basis (2-3 hours per day).
Can we become friends on Steam? Send your ID via the contact form and I will add you to my friend list.