We are huge fans of clicking games and today we want to discuss Dogeminer, in fact, our whole blog is dedicated to this subject. Our main goal is to find other people who share similar interests as we do, we want to build community and discuss various clicking games.

On our blog, you can find new guides on a daily basis, other popular and trending online games, meet new people, create gaming parties, and do other cool stuff together.

I believe that together we can build our own little world, we can come up with our own rules, we can have fun together, and enjoy our time playing various online games.

Visit us from time to time, we are eager writers and we will surprise you with a lot of new content, stay tuned and don’t miss anything.

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P.P.S. We have some updates regarding our forum plans, we are looking forward to bringing the platform to life in a couple of weeks. There will be various topics and in time we will add even more, if you want to take part in our project you can apply for our moderator position. I believe together we can achieve far more and build an awesome gaming community for more fun and entertainment.